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Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Muscle Energy Techniques, 3rd Edition

Product Details:

ISBN/ISSN: 9780443101144
ISBN 10: 0443101140

New to this Edition

* Additional techniques are added to both text and DVD-ROM videos.
* Information is expanded on some of the techniques included in previous edition.
* Content is updated throughout, with reference to the latest published research.
* Four new chapters cover efficacy and research, MET in a massage therapy setting, MET in treatment of athletic injuries, and MET in physical medicine settings.

Table of Contents

1. An introduction to muscle energy techniques
2. Patterns of function and dysfunction
3. How to use MET
4. NEW! Muscle energy technique: efficacy and research
5. Sequential assessment and MET treatment of main postural muscles
6. MET and the treatment of joints
7. Integrated neuromuscular inhibition technique (INIT)
8. Manual resistance techniques in rehabilitation
9. NEW! Muscle Energy Technique in the physical medicine settings
10. NEW! MET in a massage therapy setting
11. NEW! MET in treatment of athletic injuries

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