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Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

Cyriax Manual Therapy Videos

by.Steven De Coninck (ETGOM Cyriax)


Dr. Cyriax - Einstein of orthopaedic medicine

Video Demonstrations gives an extensive practical illustration of all basic and accessory functional examination procedures and treatment procedures (deep transverse friction massage, manipulation, traction and mobilisation) of the lumbar, cervical and thoracic spine and the SI-joint, as well as the upper and the lower extremity.

Those procedures are commonly used in the updated orthopaedic medicine Cyriax clinical reasoning and treatment approach.

Videos I - 32:52 Minutes (Video 3 once you Download)

Functional Examination (Provocative Tests, Resisted Tests, Special Tests, Inspection & Palpation, Neurological Examination)
Shoulder Examination
Elbow Examination
Wrist & Hand Examination
Hip Examination
Knee Examination
Leg & Foot Examination
Cervical Examination
Thoracic Examination
Lumbar Examination

VIDEO II - 30:59 Minutes (Video 2 once you Download)

Lumbar Spine - Manipulation, M Stretch in Procubitus, Antideviation Lateroflexion, Antideviation Rotation

Shoulder - Deep Friction Supraspinatus Tenoperiostal, Deep Friction Supraspinatus Musculotendinous Junction, Deep Friction Infraspinatus Tenoperiostal, Deep Friction Subscapularis, Deep Friction Biceps Sulcus Bicipitalis, Stretching of the Capsule, Distraction, Deep Friction of Acromioclavicular Joint

Elbow - Loose Body Manipulation, Deep Friction Tennis Elbow (Type I), Deep Friction Tennis Elbow (Type II), Deep Friction Tennis Elbow (Type III), Deep Friction Tennis Elbow (Type IV), Manipulation Mills, Deep Friction Golfer's Elbow, Deep Friction Biceps Tenoperiostal, Deep Friction Biceps Muscle Belly, Deep Friction Triceps, Deep Friction Supinator, Deep Friction Pronator Teres

Wrist & Hand - Carpal Sublaxation Manipulation I, Carpal Sublaxation Manipulation II, Deep Friction Dorsal Ligament N-S, Deep Friction Dorsal Ligament E-W, Deep Friction Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus/Brevis, Deep Friction Extensor Carpi Ulnaris, Deep Friction Flexor Carpi Radialis, Deep Friction Flexor Carpi Ulnaris, Deep Friction Flexor Digitorum, Deep Friction Tenosynovitis Tunnel 1+3, Deep Friction Interosseous (Dorsal) Muscle Belly, Deep Friction Interosseous (Dorsal) Tendon

Thumb - Deep Friction CMC - I Joint Ventral, Deep Friction CMC - I Joint Lateral
Cervical Spine - Manipulation Straight Pull, Manipulation Rotation, M LateroFlexion, M AP Glide

VIDEO III - 22:23 Minutes (Video 1 once you Download)

Cervical Spine (Continue) - Manipulation Lateroflexion, M AP Glide, M Lateral Glide, M Traction with Lever, Slow Stretch Rotation, Quick Stretch Rotation, Slow Stretch Lateroflexion, Quick Stretch Lateroflexion, Deep Friction Facet Joint

Hip - Loose Body Manipulation I, II, Deep Friction Adductor Longus Musculotendinous Junction, Deep Friction Adductor Longus Tenoperiostal, Deep Friction of Psoas, Deep Friction Rectus Femoris, Capsular Stretch Flexion, Capsular Stretch Extension, Capsular Stretch Medial Rotation, Deep Friction of tractus Iliotibialis, Deep Friction Hamstrings Muscle Belly, Deep Friction Hamstrings Tenoperiostal

Thoracic Spine - Manipulation Central Pressure, M Crossed Hands, M High Thoracic Rotation, Deep Friction Intercostales, Deep Friction Pectoralis Major, Deep Friction Serratus Anterior

Temporomandibular Joint - Manipulation, Deep Friction

Download Link:
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Mediafire part 4
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