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Jumat, 08 Juli 2011

Injection Techniques in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine with CD-ROM

Stephanie Saunders and Steve Longworth | ISBN:0443074984 | 3rd Edition | 2007 | PDF | ISO | 204 pages | 11.8 MB + 639 MB

The book features:

* Step by step guide to injection techniques
* Highly illustrated: 4 colour line drawings and full colour photographs showing the area for needle insertion and the correct position for the needle
* Layout allows text and relevant illustrations to be on facing pages
* Canadian binding with PPC cover combines protective cover with ability to lie the text flat for easy referral
* Includes essential information on the substances to be injected
* Adopts the latest guidelines for the safety of the procedure
* Relevant to a wide range of practitioners who have to deal with the management of swollen and painful joints particularly in relation to sports and overuse injuries
* Written by two highly experienced practitioners who also have many years of experience in teaching the technique
* Main author was key player in defining the guidelines for safe practice.

The CDRom features:

* An introduction by the author
* Demonstrations of 21 upper limb injections (plus 7 clips using bones to show the correct anatomical location for the injection)
* Demonstrations of 27 lower limb injections (plus 7 clips using bones to show correct anatomical location for the injection)
* Demonstrations of 7 spinal/advanced techniques (with 5 clips using bones to show anatomical location for the injection)
* Demonstrations of two real injections (ie not using a sheathed needle).

Table of Contents
Section 1 Guidelines and procedures
*The drugs
*Aspiration, accuracy and miscellaneous injections
*Injection technique guideline
*Contraindications to injection therapy
*Preparation protocol
*Injection technique flowchart

Section 2 Injection techniques: assessment of the upper limb
*The Shoulder
*Glenohumeral joint
*Suprascapular nerve
*Acromio-clavicular joint
*Sterno-clavicular joint
*Subacromial bursa
*Supraspinatus tendon
*Infraspinatus tendon
*Subscapularis tendon and bursa
*Long head of biceps tendon
*The Elbow
*Elbow joint
*Olecranon bursa
*Common extensor tendon
*Common flexor tendon
*Biceps tendon insertion
*Wrist and Hand
*Wrist joint
*Inferior radio-ulnar joint
*Thumb and finger joints
*Thumb tendons
*Flexor tendon nodule
*Carpal tunnel
*Summary of suggested upper limb doses

Section 3 Injection techniques: assessment of the lower limb
*The Hip
*Hip joint
*Gluteal bursa
*Psoas bursa
*Trochanteric bursa
*Adductor tendons
*Hamstring origin
*Lateral cutaneous nerve
*The Knee
*Knee joint
*Superior tibio-fibular joint
*Coronary ligament
*Medial collateral ligament
*Infrapatella bursa
*Pes anseurine bursa
*Iliotibial band bursa
*Quadriceps expansion
*Infrapatella expansion
*Baker's cyst
*The Ankle and Foot
*Ankle joint
*Subtalar joint
*Deltoid ligament
*Lateral ligament
*Achilles tendon
*Achilles bursa
*Midtarsal joints
*Toe joints
*Peroneal tendons
*Plantar fascia
*Summary of suggested lower limb doses

Section 4 Injection techniques: spine and jaw
*Spinal injections
*Cervical facet joint
*Lumbar facet joint
*Lumbar nerve root
*Caudal epidural
*Sacro-iliac joint
*Sacro-coccygeal joint
*Temporo-mandibular joint
*Summary of spinal doses

Appendix 1 Injection Survey - Peripheral joint & soft tissue injections given in General Practice 1991-2004
Appendix 2 Websites

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